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Hi, I’m Queala

Licensed Occupational Therapist and Healthy Lifestyle Coach

Just like that! You have a baby and have no idea how to feel comfortable and confident in your own skin. It's like you're no longer in charge of your own time, body, and mind.


Hold your head up love! Your beauty never left, it lives within and it is my goal to help you unlock your beauty with a proven process that has sustaining results.

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Introducing HOLLYFITT

Building Healthy Strategies

There is a strategy proven to help transform your body and I have the key to unlock what so many are striving to achieve. #BodyGoals is trending throughout social media and let me let you in on a little hint...

Put Yourself First!

A heart disease that could've been managed with a healthy diet, claimed the life of my mother when I was a senior in high school.  As a mom to 4 girls, it is my prayer that I can be present for as many milestones as possible. My mission is to help busy moms make time for their own health by teaching healthy lifestyle strategies that will work within their busy households.


 You're making it happen, the way you can. The meals to appease the kids, the clean home cycle that's on repeat, the school projects, extra curricular activities, and let's not forget the alone time with the hubby...


Where's the time for you right?

 I get it, and completely understand as a pastors wife and mom, getting dressed and out of the house alone feels like a 10k marathon run. With so much responsibility requiring your focused care, focusing on your own health becomes less of a priority.  


Put your self first, your family needs a healthy you!  To start your healthy lifestyle journey Check out my free 3 day healthy eating challenge.


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